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The Knaresborough Post Friday 2nd January 2003

Nothing run of the mill about this young artist

A fascination with mills and mill workers has led to an art exhibition to be staged in Knaresborough today and tomorrow.

Anna Hay, a Fine Art student, is holding an exhibition upstairs at The Cut Club 88 High Street.  
Anna used Knaresborough's former linen mills and the castle as the inspiration for her work.

"My own background harks back to Scotland, in particular the jute mills of Dundee where my grandparents worked most of their lives.  I'm fascinated by textile mills and the social history which coincided with the running of them."

Anna uses oils and textile collages for her pictures based on the mills theme and oils for her castle paintings.  "No matter what time of year it is, I feel a calm sense of repose there."
The exhibition is open from 9am-7pm today and from 9am-2pm tomorrow.