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Anna has been asked to perform several commissions over the past few years. Examples linked to above pick out and detail a commercial commission for Watkins-Wright (formerly the Cut Club) in Knaresborough, a commission as part of her second year at the College of York St John for St Denys' church in York and two commissions for Castle School in Knaresborough to enhance the learning environment for the school pupils.
Anna enjoys the challenge thrown at her when asked to undertake commissions. She quite likes the fact that the commissions she has undertaken to date have all involved different artistic disciplines and each has been a valuable learning experience, enabling her better to approach her next work.

Anna's first commission was at St Denys Church in York and was undertaken as part of her degree course with two other students. The confidence and skills she gained from this were invaluable when she was asked by Castle School in Knaresborough to undertake a Christmas themed mural to open up a small, unused room to be a valuable resource for the teachers and children alike. Shortly after this, she was asked again by the school to take on the transformation of a larger open area in the school to provide through the use of a mural based on the book "The Secret Garden", a space for the children to use as a quiet area and reading corner/games area.

She completed her first commercial commission as part of the rebranding of Watkins-Wright hair stylists in Knaresborough (formerly known as the Cut Club). This involved completing eight 8 foot by 3 foot workstations from initial conception through to the finished article in this busy and popular salon.

Further details and pictures of the commissions can be found by following the relevant links above.