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Keighley College Exhibition - 1996

These are from an exhibition Anna had whilst at Keighley College.  An exhibition from a two year advanced GNVQ course  that allowed her to explore other areas of Art and Design. 

Starting from the images on the far left, were actually a Site Specific Installation for an exhibition called Icons.  An Installation based on a Launderette where the ordinary lives of Keighley people were reflected  A central meeting place where people would wash clothes (their personal belongings that would tell a little bit about their each and very different lives).  Anna found inspiration for this when she went to see a Christian Botanski exhibition in Halifax that was based on the ex-workers of an expired mill.  Some of these images were done with oil bars on paper, using an overhead projector.  Others were photographs of the washing machine drums in the launderette.

The paintings were studies of the process of still life through to an abstracted version of such based on colour and texture.

The later image was part of Anna's end of the year show in the second year for costume design, based on the opera Orpheus in the Underworld.  This costume was based on the rockers in the sixties.  The jacket was made of denim with black bin liners and silver Christmas tree beads woven intertwined to reflect the bad boy image of the character.

Click here for photographs of the exhibition.


Keighley College Exhibition Photographs