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Castle School Commissions

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The Secret Garden Mural

The Secret Garden Mural was completed for Castle C.E. Primary School, Knaresborough in March, 2004. A mural that was painted in acrylic is located in the entrance area of the school to cater as a reading corner, a quiet room and a games room for the children during wet playtimes. Besides basing the mural on a particular chapter of the classic novel, I included small animals, such as rabbits, birds, butterflies, spiders and ladybirds to captivate minds of small children.

The Secret Garden The Secret Garden The Secret Garden The Secret Garden The Secret Garden

Santa's Grotto Mural

Santa's grotto mural was completed in November, 2003 again for Castle School. Below are three pictures taken recently of the mural along with an article which appeared in the Knaresborough Post on Friday 3rd December 2004.

Grotto Grotto Grotto
  News Article